A lot of time have passed since my last blog post.

I can easily justify myself. A massive database crash and my laziness on doing backups have done the magic.

But the reality is that life and laziness have taken over my activity on the Net. But I still feel I want to write again into my blog. It is a great exercise for my written English, plus it is, in some way, relaxing.

Before I start to write again here, my first concern was to avoid another database failure that could possibly erase again my blog. Even better, what I needed is a blogging system that does not rely on a database. A blogging system that is simple, without any installation hassle, without any plugin mainteinance and so on... I realized I do not need also a WYSIWYG editor, since I prefer to write bare HTML using a text editor instead. So Wordpress, the evil system that failed me (it is not true, I failed myself because I did not mantained Wordpress), is not the best choice for me.

Looking for something very simple and easy to backup, I found myself oriented to static site generators. In fact, using these systems, I had to backup only text files (using a remote VCS, so the backup service is mantained by third parties companies for free) and I can write articles using a simple text editor.

The choice was made.

The next step was the search for the most suitable tool that fits my requirements. Since I am a pythonist (sort of), I looked for a pythonic tool for generate static content. After a quick search I found Pelican.

So here it is. My new shiny static generated blog using Pelican. Already backed up on a Git repository and ready to accept the challenge to host all my new brilliant articles.

Let's start again, this time the laziness will never win (or at least I hope that ;)).


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