Google Drive is a 15 GB disk provided by Google that stores data in the Cloud.

It allows to easily access your file from any device that have an Internet connection, plus it provides clients that synchronize transparently the file from a computer to the cloud drive.

Moreover, for developers, Google provides API to access Drive data directly from an application.

Since 15 GB is quite a lot of space that can be handy for web applications as a storage (for example for images or documents), I decided to build a Storage for Django model that allows to upload file directly to an application drive provided by Google.

Following the docs, Implementing a custom Storage system on Django was straightforward; what was somehow cumbersome during implementation was the complexity of Google Authentication System to avoid OAuth.

The first release of my work is available on Pypi, documentation and source code is hosted on Github.

There is a new release in progress that permits the use of your personal Google Drive (instead of an application one that cannot be used thru Google Drive web interface) that will be released as soon as I have time to write some decent documentation. I have to thank Johannes Hoppe for the code hack that permits this new feature.


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