Before starting again to write about technology, I would like to share my trip on Kenya, and in particular the Safari I attented while I was there.

I was on holiday in Watamu, Kenya into a relaxing resort where I spent most of the time resting from a very heavy year. But everyone I know had said to me: "If you go to Africa you can't miss the Safari".
Since I am a curious person and, moreover, I did not see the opportunity to come back to Africa soon, I decided to attend a two days Safari on the Tsavo National Park.


After a quite long trip, I finally come to the Bigi Camp, a tended camp inside the Tsavo East park owned by an Italian man who was born in Kenya. It was a delightful base for our Safari; the camp is visited regurlarly by Elephants and Crocodriles since it is placed near a river that animals use as a watering hole. I personaly bumped into an Elephant when I come out from my tent, it was exciting!

After accomodating into the camp, we started our Safari. I was very lucky because I found a very pasionate guide: Momy! Thank to him in two days I was able to see lions, hippos, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys and a Jena!

I have a lot of emotions about this Safari into my heart, but they are almost impossible to describe in a blog. Believe me, Africa Blues exists! And right now I imagine myself in a plane that will land in Mombasa...

If you would, you can take a look at the Flickr set of my Safari.


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